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Liberal Democrat Councillors at Parish, Town, Borough, District and County Level
within the West Herts Local Party Area.

Berkhamsted Town Council

Geraldine Corry, East Ward. email: geraldine.corry@berkhamstedtowncouncil.gov.uk
Patrick Fisher, East Ward. tel: 07976 281708 email: patrick.fisher@berkhamstedtowncouncil.gov.uk
Nigel Taylor, East Ward. tel: 01442 731783 email: nigel.taylor@berkhamstedtowncouncil.gov.uk
Garrick Stevens, East Ward. tel: 01442 873196 email: garrick.stevens@berkhamstedtowncouncil.gov.uk

Stephen Claughton, Castle Ward. tel: 07763 043419 email: stephen.claughton@berkhamstedtowncouncil.gov.uk
Rick Freedman, Castle Ward. tel: 01442 731130 email: rick.freedman@berkhamstedtowncouncil.gov.uk
Wendy Conian, Castle Ward. email: wendy.conian@berkhamstedtowncouncil.gov.uk
Vacancy, Castle Ward. email: -

Peter White, West Ward. email: peter.white@berkhamstedtowncouncil.gov.uk
Nicky Woolner, West Ward. tel: 07941 224815 email: nicky.woolner@berkhamstedtowncouncil.gov.uk

Northchurch Parish Council

Lara Pringle. tel: 07977 386541 email: northchurch.parishcouncil@zen.co.uk
Peter Holditch. tel: 01442 877436 email: northchurch.parishcouncil@zen.co.uk
Mark Somervail. tel: 01442 874871 email: northchurch.parishcouncil@zen.co.uk

Tring Town Council

Roxanne Ransley, Bunstrux Ward. tel: 01442 824871 email: roxanne.ransley@tring.gov.uk
Alex Caps, Bunstrux Ward. email: alex.caps@tring.gov.uk
Paul Elley, Bunstrux Ward. tel: 01442 382052 email: paul.elley@tring.gov.uk
Phil McDowell, Bunstrux Ward. tel: 01442 603346 email: phil.mcdowell@tring.gov.uk

Nigel Nutkins, Miswell Ward. tel: 01442 825110 email: nigel.nutkins@tring.gov.uk
Christopher Townsend, Miswell Ward. tel: 01442 828225 email:christopher.townsend@tring.gov.uk
Brian Patterson, Miswell Ward. email: brian.patterson@tring.gov.uk
Helena Piper, Miswell Ward. email: helen.piper@tring.gov.uk

Rosemarie Hollinghurst, Dunsley Ward. tel: 01442 866650 email: rosemarie.hollinghurst@tring.gov.uk
Alex MacDonald, Dunsley Ward. tel: 01442 823490 email: alex.macdonald@tring.gov.uk

Dacorum Borough Council

Ron Tindall, Adeyfield West Ward. tel: 07818 580088 email: adrian.england@dacorum.gov.uk
Adrian England, Adeyfield West Ward. tel: 07809 679744 email: ron.tindall@dacorum.gov.uk
Phil McDowell, Aldbury and Wigginton Ward. tel: 01442 603346 email: phil.mcdowell@dacorum.gov.uk
Stephen Claughton, Berkhamsted Castle Ward. tel: 07763 043419 email: stephen.claughton@dacorum.gov.uk
Rick Freedman, Berkhamsted Castle Ward. tel: 01442 731130 email: rick.freedman@dacorum.gov.uk
Garrick Stevens, Berkhamsted East Ward. tel: 01442 873196 email: garrick.stevens@dacorum.gov.uk
Nigel Taylor, Berkhamsted East Ward. tel: 01442 731783 email: nigel.taylor@dacorum.gov.uk
Sally Symington, Berkhamsted West Ward. tel: 07816 655500 email: sally.symington@dacorum.gov.uk
Vacant. Berkhamsted West Ward. tel: - email: -
William Allen, Boxmoor Ward. tel: 01442 254420 email: william.allen@dacorum.gov.uk
Clair Hobson, Boxmoor Ward. tel: 07593 005213 email: clair.hobson@dacorum.gov.uk
Vacant - Boxmoor Ward. tel: - email: -

Brenda Link, Highfield Ward. tel: 01442 394922 email: brenda.link@dacorum.gov.uk
Sammy Barry, Highfield Ward. tel: 07707 573506 email: sammy.barry@dacorum.gov.uk
Lara Pringle, Northchurch Ward. tel: 07977 386541 email: lara.pringle@dacorum.gov.uk
Roxanne Ransley, Tring Central Ward. tel: 01442 824871 email: roxanne.ransley@dacorum.gov.uk
Nick Hollinghurst, Tring West & Rural Ward. tel: 01442 866650 email: nick.hollinghurst@dacorum.gov.uk
Christopher Townsend, Tring West & Rural Ward. tel: 01442 828225 email:christopher.townsend@dacorum.gov.uk

Three Rivers District Council

Raj Khiroya, Chorleywood South & Maple Cross Ward. tel: 07956 578277 email: raj.khiroya@threerivers.gov.uk
Martin Trevett, Chorleywood South & Maple Cross Ward. tel: 01923 284513 email: martin.trevett@threerivers.gov.uk
Phil Williams, Chorleywood South & Maple Cross Ward. tel: 07738 293769 email: phil.williams@threerivers.gov.uk

Peter Getkahn, Dickinsons (Croxley Green) Ward. tel: 01923 464606 email: peter.getkahn@threerivers.gov.uk
Margaret Hofman, Dickinsons (Croxley Green) Ward. tel: 01923 710274 email: margaret.hofman@threerivers.gov.uk
Dominic Sokalski, Dickinsons (Croxley Green) Ward. tel: 07595 289296 email: dominic.sokalski@threerivers.gov.uk

Steve Drury, Durrants (Croxley Green) Ward. tel: 01923 224381 email: steve.drury@threerivers.gov.uk
Chris Lloyd, Durrants (Croxley Green) Ward. tel: 01923 231297 email: chris.lloyd@threerivers.gov.uk
Stephanie Singer, Durrants (Croxley Green) Ward. email: stephanie.singer@threerivers.gov.uk

Keith Martin, Oxley Hall & Hayling (Hayling Ward only). tel: 07500 411356 email: keith.martin@threerivers.gov.uk
Alison Scarth, Oxley Hall & Hayling (Hayling Ward only). tel: 01923 232921 email: alison.scarth@threerivers.gov.uk
Andrew Scarth, Oxley Hall & Hayling (Hayling Ward only). tel: 01923 232921 email: andrew.scarth@threerivers.gov.uk

Tony Humphreys, Penn & Mill End Ward. email: tony.humphries@threerivers.gov.uk
Sarah Nelmes, Penn & Mill End Ward. tel: 07714 060745 email: sarah.nelmes@threerivers.gov.uk
Roger Seabourne, Penn & Mill End Ward. tel: 01923 332531 email: roger.seabourne@threerivers.gov.uk

Chorleywood Parish Council

Janet Davies, North Ward. email: cllr.j.davies@chorleywood-pc.gov.uk
Richard Killick, North Ward. email: cllr.r.killick@chorleywood-pc.gov.uk

Iain Blythe, South Ward. email: cllr.i.blythe@chorleywood-pc.gov.uk
Harry Davies, South Ward. email: cllr.hdavies@chorleywood-pc.gov.uk
Rodney Kipps, South Ward. tel: 01923 448 208 email: cllr.r.kipps@chorleywood-pc.gov.uk
Stuart Marshall, South Ward. tel: 01923 284283 email: cllr.s.marshall@chorleywood-pc.gov.uk
Debbie Rosario, South Ward. email: cllr.d.rosario@chorleywood-pc.gov.uk
Stephen Watkins, South Ward. tel: 01923 282780 email: cllr.s.watkins@chorleywood-pc.gov.uk

Raj Khiroya, Quickwood Ward. tel: 01923 777828 email: cllr.r.khiroya@chorleywood-pc.gov.uk

Hertfordshire County Council

Phil Williams, Three Rivers Rural Division. tel: 07738 293769 email: phil.williams@hertfordshire.gov.uk
Sally Symington, Tring Division. tel: 07816 655500 email: sally.symington@hertfordshire.gov.uk
Nigel Taylor, Berkhamsted Division.tel: 01442 731783 email: nigel.taylor@hertfordshire.gov.uk
Ron Tindall, Hemel Hempstead St Pauls Division. tel: 07818 580088 email: ron.tindall@hertfordshire.gov.uk