Liberal Democrat Councillors at Parish, Town, Borough, District and County Level
within the West Herts Local Party Area.

Berkhamsted Town Council

Geraldine Corry, East Ward. tel: 01442 863 180 email:
Patrick Fisher, East Ward. tel: 01442 865 991 email:
Nigel Taylor, East Ward. email:
Garrick Stevens, East Ward. 12, Fieldway, Berkhamsted HP4 2NX tel: 01442 873196 email:

Stephen Claughton, Castle Ward. tel: 07742 540 167 email:
Rick Freedman, Castle Ward. tel: 07779 167829 email:
Wendy Conian, Castle Ward.
Andrew Peeler, Castle Ward. tel: 01442 866 674 email:

Peter White, West Ward. tel: 07812 570303 email:
Nicky Woolner, West Ward. tel: 07941 224815 email:

Lara Pringle, Northchurch Ward. tel: 01442 876 234 email:
Peter Holditch, Northchurch Ward. tel: 01442 877436 email:
Mark Somervail, Northchurch Ward. tel: 01442 874871 email:

Tring Town Council

John Bowden, Bunstrux Ward tel: 01442 826 211 email:
Roxanne Ransley, Bunstrux Ward. tel: 01442 824871 email:
Alex Caps, Bunstrux Ward. tel: 07837 326515 email:
Paul Elley, Bunstrux Ward. tel: 01442 382052 email:
Phil McDowell, Bunstrux Ward. tel: 07823 338685 email:

Nigel Nutkins, Miswell Ward. 113, Miswell Lane, Tring HP23 tel: 01442 825110 email:
Christopher Townsend, Miswell Ward. 8, Gordon Villas, Aylesbury Road, Tring HP23 4DJ tel: 01442 828225
Brian Patterson, Miswell Ward.
Helena Piper, Miswell Ward.

Rosemarie Hollinghurst, Dunsley Ward. tel: 01442 866 650 email:
Alex MacDonald, Dunsley Ward. tel: 07920 568076 email:

Dacorum Borough Council

Ron Tindall, Adeyfield West Ward. tel: 07809 679 744 email:
Adrian England, Adeyfield West Ward. tel: 01442 216035 email:
Phil McDowell, Aldbury and Wigginton Ward.
Stephen Claughton, Berkhamsted Castle Ward
Rick Freedman, Berkhamsted Castle Ward
Garrick Stevens, Berkhamsted East Ward
Nigel Taylor, Berkhamsted East Ward
Sally Symington, Berkhamsted West Ward.
Nicky Woolner, Berkhamsted West Ward
William Allen, Boxmoor Ward
Clair Hobson, Boxmoor Ward
Liz Uttley, Boxmoor Ward

Brenda Link, Highfield Ward
Sammy Barry, Highfield Ward
Lara Pringle, Northchurch Ward
John Bowden, Tring Central Ward
Roxanne Ransley, Tring Central Ward
Nick Hollinghurst, Tring West and Rural Ward. Farlands, Tinkers Lane, Wigginton, Tring HP23 6JB tel: 01442 866650 e-mail
er Townsend, Tring West and Rural Ward.

Three Rivers District Council

Matthew Bedford, Abbots Langley and Bedmond Ward
Sarah Bedford, Abbots Langley and Bedmond Ward
David Major, Abbots Langley and Bedmond Ward

Raj Khiroya, Chorleywood South and Maple Cross Ward
Martin Trevett, Chorleywood South and Maple Cross Ward
Phil Williams, Chorleywood South and Maple Cross Ward

Peter Getkahn, Dickinsons (Croxley Green) Ward
Margaret Hofman, Dickinsons (Croxley Green) Ward
Dominic Sokalski, Dickinsons (Croxley Green) Ward

Steve Drury, Durrants (Croxley Green) Ward
Chris Lloyd, Durrants (Croxley Green) Ward
Stephanie Singer, Durrants (Croxley Green) Ward

Joy Mann, Gade Valley Ward
Alex Michaels, Gade Valley Ward
Jon Tankard, Gade Valley Ward

Stephen Giles-Medhurst, Leavesden Ward
Alex Turner, Leavesden Ward
Kate Turner, Leavesden Ward

Keith Martin, Oxhey Hall and Hayling Ward
Alison Scarth, Oxhey Hall and Hayling Ward
Andrew Scarth, Oxhey Hall and Hayling Ward

Tony Humphreys, Penn and Mill End Ward
Sarah Nelmes, Penn and Mill End Ward
Roger Seabourne, Penn and Mill End Ward