In a Depressed UK Car Market, September 2020 Registration Figures Show that Cars are Getting Greener

I feel encouraged by the September 2020 car registration figures.

Year to Date, the largest percentage increase is for Battery EVs (+165.4%). This is followed by Mild Hybrid Petrol EVs (+142.8%).

What is a "Mild Hybrid", I hear you ask? Well it's a petrol driven car with a small electric range which has batteries charged by the engine (i.e. not plugged in) - and it doesn't go long distances under electric power.

So what's the point of a "mild hybrid"? Well, it can be set to start off electrically and then switch to petrol power - or you can manually switch it to battery power when you wish. However the value comes because it switches to electric power when held up by traffic lights, or in traffic jams.

This means that there are no periods when you're stationary with an idling engine, pumping out fumes and wasting money. The real benefits come in if the car is a taxi, is often used in heavy traffic or is being used to make deliveries or multiple calls. Efficiency is increased and pollution is reduced.

Not for me of course, and very much intermediate technology, but some people might find it useful.

Year to Date largest percentage fall is for Diesel powered cars, with 56.3% fewer registrations, followed by Petrol powered cars with 40.2% fewer registrations.

However we still have some way to go - the petrol-only segment remains in the lead with a 58% market share.