Lib Dem Leader, Ed Davey chooses his Team. Layla Moran - Foreign Affairs and International Development

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Lib Dem Leadership Team 2020

Lib Dem Leader Ed Davey has announced a new team of spokespeople who will hold the Government to account and rebuild our party.

Layla Moran

Spokesperson for Foreign Affairs & International Development

Layla Moran Microphone CroppedLiberal Democrat Leader, Ed Davey, announcing the Party's new Leadership Team on August 31st said,

"I am delighted to announce the Liberal Democrat spokespeople for the great offices of state: My friend Layla Moran has agreed to take a role in my top team.

As Foreign Affairs Spokesperson she will bring the energy and enthusiasm she brings to all her work & hold Dominic Raab to account."

In accepting this responsibility, Layla responded,

"I am very pleased to have accepted the role of Foreign Affairs Spokesperson for the Liberal Democrats.

I look forward to speaking up for marginalised groups, human rights and Britain's place in the world - and to holding this Government to account at a time when we need to be building bridges."