The First Tomatoes Look Promising, Despite a Difficult Year

First Tomatoes 2020The climate seems to be changing more and more under the influence of global heating. Some crops have done well, such as our red currants and gooseberries. Others seem less productive e.g. the potatoes.

The tomatoes, however, are looking good, if the first ones off the plant are anything to go by. Of course being in the greenhouse, which is something of a semi-controlled environment, they have been well looked after and we ensured that they got enough water during the dry spells.

Reports of the cereal harvest in East Anglia don't sound very encouraging though. It's all very well for people to laugh off global heating, but they really should stop and think for a bit about where food comes from. ( Hint. "supermarkets" is not the answer - nor is "Ocado" )

We hope the mini-boom in allotment demand is maintained. If you try to grow some food for yourself you will be surprised how difficult it actually is. Now that makes you think. But it's good, healthy exercise, very satisfying and rewarding - not just in terms of food which tastes so much better than stuff that is flown in, but also in terms of what you learn, a sense of achievement and insight into the natural world with a glimpse into what our place in it really is.