VE 75 Celebrated in Style on Friday in Wigginton

VE75 RosemarieA thoughtful meal - as befits such an occasion - of salmon salad with some excellent Italian champagne. Note I carefully used a lower case "c"!

I opened a bottle of 2007 Franciacorta Brut Satèn from Ferghettina near Adro in Brescia, Lombardy. Delicious. It was certainly more "satèn" than "brut"!

It is a favourite of my niece-in-law who used to be marketing manager and buyer for a company with a chain of pseudo-Italian restaurants - alas, no longer.

The picture shows Rosemarie toasting the memory of her parents - her father having served in Burma and not getting back for another year, and her mother having served in the Land Army on a farm in the village.

Her mother would have loved the celebrations, though perhaps not her father who would never talk about the war.

Then we listened to the Queen's broadcast and plied the champagne in another toast. As usual Her Majesty hit the right note with the right words.

"The wartime generation knew that the best way to honour those who did not come back from the war was to ensure that it didn't happen again.
"The greatest tribute to their sacrifice is that countries who were once sworn enemies are now friends."