A Promise of Improved Rail Services in East of England Region Post-Covid

Norwich Victoria new sidings (Greater Anglia)It's important that travellers return to public tranport post-covid. There may well be fewer journeys made, but it would be an environmental tragedy if passengers went back to private motor car journeys with a lone driver.

Meanwhile, despite the pandemic, rail repairs and infrastructure projects are still carrying on and being completed, even though slowed down by the need for social distancing.

One such improvement was finished at the beginning of March in Norwich, with four new sidings being completed at Norwich Victoria to enable four new 12-carriage trains to be stabled.

The Wensum Sidings - also in Norwich - have also been recommissioned and the redevelopment of the adjacent Crown Point train maintenance depot will proceed as and when current retrictions are removed.

This and other improvements at Stratford and Chingford will gradually enable a planned replacement of old trains on the Anglia network with 169 new modern carriages and motor units resulting from a £1.4 billion investment.

With the retention of train servicing facilities in Norwich and similar improvements elsewhere there will be economic benefit not only to the city but across the region generally as the work force is expanded and services extended.

Based on a report in Railway Magazine and a press release from Greater Anglia. Picture from Greater Anglia.