Hardly the green shoots of recovery, but a cheering sight just the same!

Spinach RegrowthAfter some time of being neglected I was pleased to discover last week that the greenhouse has all the time been living up to its name, unnoticed.
These are the remains of the self-sown spinach after rest was picked and cooked last week. That produced 8 portions to go with our home cooking - and what you can see will provide at least another 2.
Then the greenhouse will be cleaned, the beds cleared out and replaced with a mix of fresh ericaceous compost mixed with richer material from our own compost bin - ready for tomatoes once the seedlings have grown.
This years spinach and chard will be going straight into the garden in a muntjac-proof enclosure - and a second patch of garden is being fettled up ready for the seed potatoes we bought just before lockdown.
I know not everyone has the space to grown vegetables, but if you can, you'll find it good, healthy exercise and very satisfying.