Something to Look Forward to... when Normal Service is Resumed at Tring Farmers Market

Tring Farmers Market Fruit and Veg 2 Tring Farmers Market Fruit and Veg 1Tring Farmers Market has been in need of a regular vegetable stall for some time - which is a pity since vegetables are an important attraction is any market. In the case of Tring Farmers Market would provide a good complement to goods offered at the other stalls.

Caroline Hendry-Smith, one of the market organisers said,

"We are very excited to announce that Dunsley Farm Shop will be joining us selling a wide variety of fruit and vegetables. Dunsley Farm Shop has recently been taken over by 'Fruity Tooty' who also run a vegetable shop in Aylesbury.
Ashton Smith from 'Fruity Tooty' plans to bring as much local vegetables as possible when available."

Something to look forward to when life returns to something a bit closer to the previous normality!