Local Liberal Democrats Participating in European Democracy

July 13, 2019 1:12 PM
Barbara Gibson and Lucy Netsingha TreeTwo of our newly elected Lib Dem East of England MEPs have been appointed to European Parliament Committees.

On Wednesday, Lucy Nethsingha was elected as the Chair of the Committee on Legal Affairs for a two and a half year term. She said:

"I am determined the Committee will play a key role in providing legal certainty and stability for the European Union, while advancing rights for Europe's citizens and addressing the central issues of our time, such as environmental crime."

In addition, fellow Lib Dem East of England MEP, Barbara Gibson, was confirmed as a member of the Committee on International Trade, as well as a substitute member of the Committee on Employment and Social Affairs.
Barbara said:

"EU's trade agreements benefit the UK, making our economy stronger and creating jobs; Brexit would mean leaving all those behind, and the UK having to engage with over 160 WTO members to establish new agreements. That would be madness."
"As a member of the Committee on International Trade, I am looking forward to contributing towards more transparent, effective and ethical EU's trade policy-making."

Both Lucy and Barbara are also substitute members on the key Committee on Regional Development

Based on a report in Cranfield & Marston Vale Chronicle.