Lib Dems Strong in Dacorum, Strong in the East of England, and with their Partner Parties, Strong in Europe

June 10, 2019 12:15 PM

Euro Votes in Dacorum 2019The Liberal Democrats are strong in Dacorum, strong in the East of England and, with their partner parties in the ALDE Group, strong in Europe.

Votes in the European Election were counted district by district and then added up centrally.

So we know how many votes were cast for each party in Dacorum Borough.

It now looks as though we can stop thinking of Hemel Hempstead as a "Leave town".

Not really it isn't when you see that Brexit only just managed to get ahead of the Liberal Democrats - by only 307 votes.

And when you remember that the Brexit Party has no councillors, no organisation and no policies (except perhaps one) then in terms of practical politics the strongest contender in the Borough just has to be the Lib Dems.

Even in the East of England Region as a whole, for all the Brexit votes in places like Clacton, the Liberal Democrats come a well-placed second.