Planned Road Repairs in Tring and Surrounding Areas

April 18, 2018 9:51 AM

road works signThe Herts County Council Integrated Works Plan is showing the following sites for highway repair work during the current financial year i.e. 2018/19 (year just started).

1. Slip Road off A41 up to the Upper Icknield Way - south of the roundabout.
Replacement of failed anti-skid surface with local resurfacing.

2. Little Tring Road - from Pumping Station Track to B489 Lower Icknield Way.
Surface Dressing.

3. Little Tring Road - from Pumping Station Track to B488 Upper Icknield Way.
Surface Dressing.

4. Chapel Lane, Long Marston - whole length.
Surface Dressing

5. Cow Lane - from A4251 to Station Road
Investigations into recycling and relaying surface.

6. Hemp Lane, Wigginton - from A4251 to Hunters Quay.

7. Toms Hill, Aldbury - from no. 3 by Toms Hill Close to the crossing track.
Local Resurfacing

8. Upper Icknield Way at Bulbourne - from derestriction signs to a point 134 m from Northfield Road.

The first item on the list is badly needed!

Work has now strated in Little Tring Road.