Liberal Democrats Support 20mph Bid in Northchurch

April 1, 2018 12:35 PM

Go 20 Northchurch PetitionThe Liberal Democrats are very happy to support the bid by Go 20 Northchurch for a 20mph zone in Northchurch.

There's a real problem with the complicated and congested traffic situation in Northchurch High Street and New Road. There are lots of things that will be difficult and expensive to improve or change. But one thing is sure. Slower traffic speeds always improve safety and as long as traffic also moves smoothly then noise and pollution are reduced and there is a quieter, calmer ambience that has been shown in surveys to improve social interaction and walking and reduce car use.

So, well done, Go 20 Northchurch, for collecting so many signatures to their petition to the County Council asking for a 20mph zone and other safety improvements in Northchurch.
Unfortunately the person who was to present the petition was away on holiday, but the newly-elected Liberal Democrat Dacorum Borough Councillor, Lara Pringle, was able to do so on behalf of G20N. Lara Pringle has also been elected to Northchurch Parish Council.
The picture shows Cllr Lara Pringle with Liz McGill and Rob on the steps of County Hall in Hertford after the petition presentation. The person in the background is the Lib Dem County Councillor for Tring, Nick Hollinghurst, who has been campaigning for 20mph limits in Tring for nearly 5 years.

Nick said afterwards,
"This was an excellent example of people in a community working together effectively. I am happy to support the people of Northchurch first because I see that what they ask for is badly needed, but secondly because a large number of Tring residents also use Northchurch High Street and New Road on a regular basis and we are also worried about the situation there. I am happy to share my experience in advocating 20mph zones with G20N."