A Message to Members from the Chair of West Herts Liberal Democrats Local Party

August 14, 2017 9:10 AM

A Message from Sally Symington, Chair of West Herts Local Party

Dear Members,

I am delighted to have in our new leader, Vince Cable, a high-profile advocate for an 'exit from Brexit' whose gravitas and media recognition lend credibility to the many Liberal Democrat arguments drowned out during the General Election. I hope as a party we can rally around a strong leader with a clear message who genuinely has the nation's best interests at heart.

Sally Garden Cropped SmallTo see, hear and have a say in what the Liberal Democrats are campaigning for and what we are all about, come along to the Autumn Conference in Bournemouth from 16-19 September. You can visit for just a day, the weekend or all four days; lots of West Herts members will be attending and can help you find your way around and join you at events, training sessions and listen to policy debates with you.

The recent rioting at the Mount Prison in Bovingdon highlighted, in our own local area, the impact of cuts to public services and the resulting staff shortages which have impact so critically on the lives of the inmates. That their living conditions are described as 'squalid' by the president of the Prison Governors Association is appalling and as a society something we should be ashamed of; we need to be campaigning forcefully for the proper funding of our prisons alongside calling for the appropriate future funding for our schools and the NHS.

As Liberal Democrats, we welcome and encourage robust and passionate debate and these are surely times to make our voice heard above the babble emanating from the Conservative and Labour parties. The polarisation of the national vote at the general election belies the underlying support for Liberal Democrat policies and values and our purpose, after a breather for the summer holidays, is to resume campaigning for the free, fair and open society we all believe in.

Best regards

Sally Symington

Chair West Herts Liberal Democrats