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This is the official website for West Hertfordshire Liberal Democrats Local Party.
The West Herts Liberal Democrats campaign in the Parliamentary Constituencies of Hemel Hempstead and South West Herts - from Long Marston and Tring in the North West to Rickmansworth and South Oxhey in the South East.

Chair: Nick Hollinghurst; Vice-Chair: James Davies; Secretary: Anne Wellington; Membership Development Officer: Dominic Sokalski Click names to contact.

The Liberal Democrats exist to build and safeguard a fair, free and open society, in which we seek to balance the fundamental values of liberty, equality and community, and in which no-one shall be enslaved by poverty, ignorance or conformity.

Recent Updates

  • Sam North
    Article: May 10, 2021
    Conservative 155,144 1st preferences 49% (+ 7%)
    Liberal Democrats, Sam North 87,524 27% (+11%)
    Labour and Co-operative 76,941 24% (- 3%)
    UKIP did not stand 0 % (-14%)

    A creditable performance from Sam North who increased the Lib Dem vote share by 11%.

  • Article: May 10, 2021

    Counting has just finished for two Bye-Elections on Dacorum Borough Council, one in Tring Central and the other in Leverstock Green.
    Both were caused by the deaths of the incumbents.
    The win in Tring Central brings the Liberal Democrat seat total back to 19.

    Tring Central

    Liberal Democrats - Sheron Wilkie 925 55%
    Conservatives 438 26%
    Green 172 10%
    Labour 137 8%
  • Article: May 9, 2021
    • Liberal Democrats have gained five seats on Hertfordshire County Council.
    • HCC now has 23 Liberal Democrat members, along with 46 Conservatives (down 5 seats), 7 Labour (down 2 seats), one Green and one Independent
    • Conservative Leader of the Council lost his seat to a Liberal Democrat candidate
    • St Albans is now under Liberal Democrat control
    • Liberal Democrats have gained an extra seat on Three Rivers District Council
  • Woman Walking
    Article: Mar 28, 2021

    It's Time to Unmask Violence Against Women for what it really is - Violence by Men

    99% of gender-based violence is committed by men. So why are they often absent from the conversation? Sarah Everard's murder has spotlighted the prevalence of violence by men - and women have had enough.

    By Wera Hobhouse, Mar 23, 2021 5:03

  • NHS Nurse
    Article: Mar 21, 2021

    NHS Staff should get the Pay Rise they Deserve

    he Liberal Democrats passed a motion today backing a pay rise for NHS staff, recognising the huge effort made by NHS workers during the pandemic.

    By Munira Wilson, Mar 21, 2021 10:03

    The Conservative Government's offer of a 1% pay rise is an insult to the hard working NHS staff who have worked tirelessly to keep us and our loved ones safe.

  • Helping Young People
    Article: Mar 21, 2021

    Here's how we help young people

    We need a bold plan for students and young people in England.

    By Daisy Cooper, Mar 21, 2021 4:03

    Young people's lives have been severely disrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic. Lockdowns have taken a toll on young people's education, mental health and future prospects - hitting those with fewer resources especially hard.

  • Disabled Jobs Help
    Article: Mar 21, 2021

    Lifting Barriers to Work for Disabled People

    By Wera Hobhouse, Mar 19, 2021 7:03

    A new motion passed by Liberal Democrat members at their recent conference sets out a targeted strategy to lift the unjust barriers excluding disabled people from the workplace.

    For too long those with disabilities have struggled to obtain secure employment - a struggle intensified by Covid-19. Disabled workers have been disproportionately impacted by furlough, reduced hours and redundancies.

  • Free School Meals
    Article: Mar 14, 2021
    Hertfordshire County Council Conservatives have blocked a Liberal Democrat proposal to provide free meal vouchers during the school summer holidays for children who get free meals during school term time.

    Really, the government should be paying for these, but if they won't, we think that the County Council should step in and make sure that these children don't go hungry. We got them to do this for Christmas and Easter holidays, but they won't continue do this again after that.

  • Giles-Medhurst Pothole
    Article: Mar 7, 2021

    The Conservative County Council has cut £8 million of its planned £37 million maintenance budget for residential roads over the next four years. This is a huge cut of 22%.

    The Conservatives are claiming that these roads are in better condition than they expected but this does not match with what you have told us.

    61% of residents who completed our recent highways survey expressed dissatisfaction with highways maintenance.

  • North Hertfordshire Liberal Democrat group photo
    Article: Feb 27, 2021

    Liberal Democrat plans for free school meals for vulnerable children, investment in roads and footways, action on flooding, tree planting and mental health support in schools have all been voted down by the Conservatives at Hertfordshire County Council.

    The Conservatives rejected a fully costed and deliverable plan from the opposition Liberal Democrats that would have delivered free school meals, for children in need, for the next year - while seeking government support for future years.